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Sorry, Pay-What-You-Can has ended!

However, if you would still like to grab the bundle you can grab it for 80% off its list price here.

This bundle includes:

Brush Lettering 101 (E-Course) - $47 Value

Fancy Flourishes Printable Workbook - $12 Value

Printable Productivity Powerup Pack - $23 Value

Printable Botanical Living Planner (Monday & Sunday Start) - $18 Value

Learn More About What's Included in the Bundle

Brush Lettering 101 (E-Course)

Normally $47

Join over 3,000 students and learn the foundations of brush lettering in this self-paced video course! You'll get access to 40+ minutes of video tutorials and lessons and 12 printable practice sheets that will guide you through the basics of lettering. This is a great class to do with other friends, family, and even your kids!

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Fancy Flourishes Printable Workbook

Normally $12

Ever try to add some flourish to your lettering only to have it turn out less than desirable? Grab the Fancy Flourishes downloadable workbook to understand the rules behind flourishes, common shapes and forms, and advice for achieving that perfect flourish!

Printable Productivity Powerup Pack

Normally $23

In this 20-page printable workbook, I share my personal recipe for setting goals and crushing them. There are pages with techniques for creating strong new habits, setting up effective planning routines, shifting to a more positive mindset, dealing with distractions, hacking into motivation, and more! You'll finish this workbook feeling empowered, confident, and ready to take on your goals.

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Printable Botanical Living Planner (Monday & Sunday Start)

Normally $18

If you love having a structured planning system but you hate how boring store-bought planners can be, then the Botanical Living Planner is for you. Each page of this 80+ page printable planner is designed entirely by hand, with gorgeous monthly calendar art, stunning color themes, and tons of helpful planning pages to help you get organized. There is a Monday start version and a Sunday start version so you can get the one that fits your planning style best.




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